Vegas Sports Handicappers



Package Options:

** Please note you will need to email us your sports preferences to: before delivery can begin.

Year: Allowed access to as many sports as you choose. You will receive 7 lineups per week for one full year.

Month: Allowed access to 2 sports. You will receive 5-7 lineups per week for one full month.

Week: Access to 1 sport. You will receive 5-7 lineups for one full week.


* The email address used to purchase will be where picks are sent.

* Picks will be sent out at least one hour before game starts and will also be posted on Instagram stories when picks are ready.

Instagram: @TheVegasSportsHandicappers

Facebook: @TheVegasSportsHandicappers 

please note that no package includes post season games/matches unless stated.

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